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Jesus told parables to capture the attention of His audience.

Your job as a church leader is to tell stories to capture the attention of your audience.

The modern Jesus would share stories on social media…

People are watching movies everyday through Instagram stories and YouTube! You now have to tell a story in new and captivating ways – whether in 5 seconds or 2 minutes.

How can you share a story that grabs the attention of your audience the moment they take out their phone and scroll through various social platforms?

Set The Context

If you’re telling a story from the church pulpit, you will frame it differently than if you were sitting at a coffee table with three teenagers.

What is the context that you are sharing the story?

Your stories should be good enough to stop people from scrolling through their feed and pay attention for a minute to your story. Your approach should be creative and should easily fit within your church’s social media budget.

Consider Your Intent

It’s easy to waste real money on creating art on social media, posts that entertain but do not convert.

Focus on engaging with your audience and share stories that will generate responses.

Share church experiences on Instagram

Share church experiences on Instagram

Share Meaningful Content From Your Day

How does a church leader find the time to create 6-7 meaningful stories to share a day?

Just tell the world what’s going on in your church.

Describe your personal journey on your social media platforms, outline your vision, and share your wins, losses, actions, and ambitions.

Start talking about what’s REALLY important to you. 

As a church leader, you need to figure out the art and science of storytelling on social media platforms or you will lose great opportunities to share the Christmas story with this generation.