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Jesus said, “Go out into all the world.”

His instruction was not, “Bring all the world into the church.”

Church leaders have placed too much importance on bringing people into churches and not enough on taking the church out into all the world.

Go out into all the world

Go out into all the world

Church Leaders Need An Outward Focus That Is Not Inward-Building

A lot of preachers today talk about being planted in God’s House and bringing the lost into the church. There are some who have decided that they are not going to wait for people to come into the church but to take the gospel message out to them.

To build the church (bring people into), leaders need to have an outward focus (go out with the message).

The Tele Evangelists of the 90s used the medium of Television to reach millions. That trend is now on the decline. Preachers looking to build television channels are now shifting their attention to more accessible mediums – YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Power Of Visual Content On Social Media

Social media is an engagement channel, unlike the broadcast channels used in the past. If you want to reach more people (go out), you need to build engagement with a potential audience.

Visual content and social media go hand-in-hand. 

Video has been a consistently growing trend on social media for the past few years. YouTube is no longer the main platform as Facebook and Instagram have jumped on the bandwagon of sharing live embedded videos. Using these tools is an automatic way to reach more people.

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