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In 2017, people all over the world watched over five billion YouTube videos..

Every DAY!

Facebook hosted over 100 million hours of video footage daily.

As a church leader, adding video to your outreach campaigns is a powerful and effective way to generate more attention.

Video (just like your church website), needs to be engaging, unique to your values, and interesting to watch.

Have A Clear Focus To Your Videos

Having no clear focus to your videos is a good way to tune out a potential audience.

Make your videos with a clear goal. 

You could make short videos to build anticipation and longer, informative videos that work out details, like your Sunday sermons, or a topic that could help people with their struggles.

Reach a larger audience with engaging videos

Engaging videos that grab attention

Create Videos That People Can’t Help But Watch

Keep the length to one or two minutes to make them easy to watch.

Fun videos (a prank played on your church team members, for instance), gets more views. Videos on social media are not the right platform for serious conversations.

Create Low-Cost And Ready To Publish Videos

Video content does not need to be expensive or polished to be successful.

You can make them using your smart phone. Pack them with fun, quirky, and unusual.

How about an interesting and uniqe approach to showing off your church campus? Rough-shot videos are more effective than the refined studio footage with Facbeook, Instagram, and Twitter audiences.

Simple, inexpensive content often works better when done right. You may have to trial a few videos and tweak certain settings to hit the flow zone.