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Sticky is a good thing for online content.

Sharing sticky videos will ensure that people remember your church.

Why bother with videos? It is estimated that by the end of 2017, 79% of all Internet traffic will be projected via videos. Be among the pioneers (yes, it is still early days) of content-driven church videos.

Here’s are 5 FOUNDATIONAL tips that will help with the marketability of your church videos:

How To Make Sticky Online Content

But these videos are so much fun!!!

Sticky Church Videos Tip #1 – Make Your Content Interesting

Avoid boring people who have by chance stumbled on your account or clicked one of your church videos.

You will lose a prospective church-goer before any interest is generated.

Boredom is one of the greatest marketing sins. Ask someone on your team for feeback and help if you are unable to hire the right talent to make videos for you.

Sticky Church Videos Tip #2 – Pick Topics That Are Your Strong Points

No one wants to listen to an amateur.

So, be the best in your field! And if you’re not there yet, make your audience believe you are worth listening to. You have to be a credible soure of information.

Sticky Church Videos Tip #3 – Weave Stories

The premise of each video is a story. Increase your stickiness by telling a story and making it interesting.

The best videos share relatable stories.

Sticky Church Videos Tip #4 -Short Vidoes Win!

Get to the point and make it quick.

Dragging on and talking endlessly is a great way to empty the seats in your church and ensure that only the die-hard supporters of your ministry will watch your videos.

Sticky Church Videos Tip #5 – Make An Invitation

A call to action is when you ask your audience to do something in exchange for the information on the video. Don’t be shy about inviting people to accept Christ in the middle of the video. If your video rocks, your audience will excuse the breaks for a CTA.