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With over 3 billion searches a month, YouTube is technically the second largest search engine in the world.

A church channel that shows up first on a search on this platform gets the most clicks.

How do you rank higher in YouTube search results for your church channel?

When it comes to channel ranking, consistency of posting, the most recent content, the total number of videos, number of views, subscribers, and watch time all play into your overall ranking onYouTube.

Publish On Your Church YouTube Channel Consistently

One of the first metric for videos that show up on the top of YouTube searches is how consistently content is added. YouTube ranks content that is authoritative. By creating a content calendar for YouTube and uploading videos regularly on the same topic for  years, you place yourself automatically as a subject expert.

YouTube cares about the frequency and the recency of your videos. A rule of thumb is to post a minumum of three videos a week and if possible, one a day.


Lift your stats!

Increase The Duration Of Videos For Higher YouTube Ranking

Shorter videos are more engaging on Facebook and Instagram. Videos with longer watch time are ranked higher on YouTube rankings.

The most important thing when it comes to ranking higher on YouTube is watch time.

A simple solution to increase the viewing time of your videos? Post sermons on your church YouTube channel.

Sermons tend to be engaging and even if viewers watch only half your sermons, the total watch time for your channel is significantly more than if you post short videos of two to five minute durations.

The bottom line is… the church channels that succeed on YouTube are ones that consistently post quality content that receive a lot of views.