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It’s a question all churches that are bleeding young people in the millennial demographic are asking. How can we stop losing these folks to the kingdom.

How to Avoid Losing Millennials in Your Church

Stop stereotyping them!

The Millennials make up a major part of our population, and with that, they have a major say. In order for churches to be able to reach them, they need to steer clear of stereotyping them – something done far too often.

Millennials are opinionated, but they are optimistic. They are lazy, but they are educated. They want to make a positive impact, but they aren’t looking to religion. That is the key point.

We were more educated than you think

We were more educated than you think

These generalizations are very true of the Millennial generation, and it is easy to remind Millennials of these. Which usually results in an annoyed Millennial when reminded of it.

How NOT to Turn Off Millennials to the Church

When dealing with a generation that is already turned off from the church and wants little to do with religion, it is important for the church to avoid coming down on Millennials, further turning them away from religion.

Instead, churches can reach out to Millennials by welcoming them with open arms and refraining from stereotyping them. Instead, use the stereotypes as a way to reach out to them and help meet their needs and concerns.

Why Can Millennials Make a Difference in the Church?

If it is true that Millennials have a desire to contribute to the world and do something for the greater good, think about how much good can come about from a group of Millennials who are on fire for the Lord and serving Him!

Using that as a way to reach out to this important generation that already has a great impact on our culture will really make a difference.