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A new year.

New goals.

A renewed enthusiasm to tackle the challenges of a growing church.

And whether you like it or not… new technologies to master.

The current wave of social media innovations have now become an intrinsic part of culture. On this blog, we often share the importance of church adopting social media platforms to reach the world at large.

And it starts with… vision.

Andy Stanley once said, “Plans change, vision remains the same…“. Your vision is inked in while your plans are penciled in your strategies for church growth.

  1. Write your vision. Make it plain.

    Write your vision. Make it plain.

    Get Clarity On Your Church Social Media Vision

While the rest are grappling with analytics on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (just to name a few), the new wave of innovations in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence is sweeping ahead in bounds.

How does a pastor know where to focus his energies?

Your social media vision for your church will guide you in the new year.

What do you see? How do you see your church having a larger impact in the cyber world of constant information barrage?

Write your vision and make it plain. It is easy to rush into writing your vision and making it plan. But that’s not the right approach. Clarify your vision first… make it plain.

2. Start Acting On The Vision Now

Remember, your vision remains constant. Your new year resolutions might include strategies and plans that are likely to fail. But that does not hamper your vision.

The only thing that is certain to hinder your vision is inaction.

This new year, try something new. Start somewhere. Give it a try. Test it out. Seek help from experts. Build something that reflects the core values of your church.

A year from now, you will realize that your plans for the year probably changed. But the vision remained.