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What’s the difference between a social media vision and a social media plan (or strategy)?

The vision is what you see, where you want your church to get to.

The plan is a series of strategic steps that will help you get there.

Often a poor plan is confused for a poor vision.

Your vision needs to be simple.

For example, “Our social media vision is to have an impact in the local community and connect the unchurched with teams from church through practical and necessary acts of service,” is a social media vision that is consistent with your church’s overall mission to go out into the world and focus on service.

To carry out this vision, you plan to start a Facebook Page to connect with the community around you.

After launching a Facebook Page, getting thousands of fans you notice that no one comments on the posts,  shows a lack of engagement. So, you tweak your plans by sending a notification to your Facebook fans asking for feedback.


Undeterred, you send out a prize incentive – a new book offered in your church resource center for a massive discount…

The number of comments takes a further dip as users now start viewing your content as spam and even more fans drop off.

Share church experiences on Instagram

Share church experiences on Instagram

Finally, you decide to start an Instagram account for your church and share images of your outreach teams engaging with the local community.

Engagement skyrockets. 

At this point, some organizations remain stubborn with the plan and stick to Facebook marketing, because that’s what everyone else is doing.

But those who are stubborn with their church social media vision will go back to the drawing board and adjust their plans.

Being stubborn with your social media vision and flexible with your plans leads to social media success.