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What is the purpose of social media for your church?

It should be to share posts and videos that inspire, inform, and educate people.

Publishing content that is aimed at selling –  “Come to our church service,” or, “Join a fellowship group,” or, “Give to the special offering this week…” are all great occasional asks. Save them for special occasions.

The world at your fingertips

Content should inform, educate, and inspire.

The daily content on your church blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts should be focused on adding value and giving your followers actionable steps towards positive change.

How do you stay relevant and useful? Ask yourself these questions before sharing a blog, video, or picture on your church social media platforms:

Is Your Church Social Media Content Adding Value?

Readers dislike content that is too self-absorbed, selfish, and aimed solely at the church’s goals of expansion.

If the content is not adding value to readers and followers, it’s time to rethink your strategies and go back to the vision.

Writing and sharing visual content on digital media is a great marketing technique but a good blogpost should inform, inspire, and educate a reader! Don’t just stay relevant, stay useful.

Does The Church Social Media Content Have A CTA?

Content needs to have actionable takeaways, a call to action. Add a healthy dose of inspiration and positivity to your posts. Share content that is engaging. Ask yourself if your post will generate genuine conversations before hitting, ‘Publish.’

It should inspire your readers to take an step to change something in their routines or beliefs.

When your readers consistently find simple solutions to their challenges in your blogposts, videos, and pictures, they will come back for more.