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Sometimes I know the answer. Sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I just have a lot of questions.

Wrestling with the Word of God

Meaning of Word of God

Meaning of Word of God

I’m doing a bit of research for an ongoing project.

I am wrestling with the meaning of the phrase, “the Word of God,” especially as it relates to the ministry of the Word within our Restoration Movement churches.

I would like to throw out a few questions to see if any of you folks have any insight based either on your study of scripture or your experience.

If you are willing to respond, please answer any or all of the questions below.

You will see that they are inter-related. Pick one and answer it or answer ’em all. Short answer or essay, I ain’t picky.

What is the Word of God in Practice?

(1) I will stipulate that the Bible is the Word of God. But what does that mean in practice?

  1. There are many words in the Bible. In what way is the Bible the “Word of God”?
  2. Is the Bible primarily a kind of guidebook from which doctrines, laws and principles should be extracted, and these then become the Word of God for all time?
  3. Or is it primarily a historical record from which doctrines, laws and principles should be extracted and these are “the Word of God” for all time?
  4. Or is it primarily a literary narrative in which historical events are embedded and the Word of God is somehow contained in the “story” being told?
  5. Or some combination of these?
  6. Or something else I haven’t thought of?

Original Writers’ Place in Preaching the Word Today

(2) What place does the original writers’ intended meaning to their original audiences have in our own efforts to hear, teach and preach the Word of God today?

21st Century Pastors and the Word of God

(3) We often hear sermons referred to as Pastor So-and-So “bringing us the Word of God.” How does the homiletician speak the Word of God?

What does he have to do to actually bring the Word of God to his listeners in a sermon?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I figured if anybody had something to say about this, it would be Restoration Movement ministers of the Word.