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Are Restoration Movement Churches Leading or Just Doing Damage Control?

I asked a group (2500+) of Restoration Movement preachers/pastors this question. I also asked another group (6700+) of Christian Church, Church of Christ members.

Then for a different perspective I asked a group (8800+) of non-independent Christian Church youth pastors what they thought.

Church Has Dropped the Ball on Leadership

The question I asked:

“In a book I am reading – “The truth is, many of us—physicians, teachers, and nurses—haven’t been doing our jobs. We’ve been settling for damage control rather than trying to get kids back on the right course.” Do you think we church pastors/leaders have dropped the ball also? Are we playing damage control with people’s lives or are we out front trying to lead believers in disciple making?”

A whopping 92% of pastors/preachers and independent Christian church members say we are just doing damage control.

Church Lacks Leadership

Church Lacks Leadership

Where is leadership in the church?

Youth is Looking for Leadership, too!

When I asked the youth pastors what they thought – after all they are with the young people more often – including themselves for that matter. The numbers were the same. An astonishing 93% of these young pastors think the church is playing damage control.

The church is just taking care of problems … as they arrive.

Where is leadership in the church?

If all the church is doing is taking care of problems as they arrive, what about the members we are losing?

Where is leadership in the church?

It’s time for the church to step up, get out in front.

How to Change the Trends of Church Failure

Where to start?

Every pastor/preacher should grab a handful of promising believers and start pouring their lives into those believers. Spend quality time. A LOT of quality time. And keep doing it till those handful of believers are ready to do the same. Then rinse and repeat.

Investing in lives is the answer. Start now.

Where is leadership in the church?