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Millennials are known for being “know-it-all’s”. That label is rightly given in some circumstances, but many Millennials have a desire to learn more and become better people. As a Millennial mother, I can see this in many ways. We are in a war within motherhood. Social media has created a world where mothers’ voice their opinions and boldly proclaim what they believe to be best or right. But at the end of the day, as a mother, we want to be the best we can be for our children. Pairing an eager Millennial mother with a mentor Mom who is ready to teach and listen is a recipe for success not only for our culture but for our churches.

Churches can reach out to Millennial mothers

Let’s search them online

Reaching out to Millennial mothers by coming alongside them and mentoring them. A mentor mom can offer great wisdom and advice, but a mentor also offers a listening ear. Millennial mothers want to learn, but we also want to be heard. We want to learn how to be better mothers. We want to be able to bounce ideas off other moms who have “been there, done that”. We really want someone to listen to our worries, ideas, concerns, frustrations, passions, etc.

Imagine a ministry within churches that solely focused on mentoring mothers. Many churches already have well-established counseling and life coaching ministries. Adding a mentoring aspect that focuses on motherhood would be a great addition.

Fostering a community of Millennial mothers

A community where Millennial mothers are poured into, valued, appreciated and listened to just might help bridge the gap between generations. Instead of stereotyping and judging, there would be understanding and respect. If Millennial mothers felt valued instead of feeling put down simply for being a Millennial, churches would be able to reach this important and powerful generation. Imagine the impact this generation could have on the Kingdom if willing and eager Millennial mothers had a mentor mom to walk beside them! I can only imagine how God could use such a thing and all the amazing children being brought up in a way that glorifies and honors God!