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Repetition rarely leads to a high level of performance and engagement in any key skill. Posting on your social media repetitively and routinely is reccomended but will not grow your following.

To become more productive, you have to first become more competent. How do you improve your competence on social media posting?

Determine A Social Media Platform To Master

Rather than focusing on all the available platforms (just because everyone else is doing it), pick one.

And master it.

Find the sweet spot that overlaps your favorite social media platform and the one that is most effective in reaching your target audience.

Set Yourself Specific Stretch Goals

Your journey in mastering the selected social media platform should progressively stretch your ability.

If you are not stretching, you are likely not growing. New technologies and updates will improve your posting competence.

You could focus on learning different camera angles and lighting to take better pictures on Instagram,or  framing your stories on Facebook to inspire comments, or writing a catchy title to attract interest in your blog posts…

what you see guides you

Start With Vision

Why Is This Important To Your Church?

Attach a high level of meaning and emotion to your social media journey. Your results will mean nothing if you fail to start with a clear purpose. Why is it important to reach people through the medium selected? Is there a more effective approach to your outreach strategies? Or, perhaps you are more focused on building the community of your existing members and need a private page on Facebook to update information about church events.

What are the factors critical to your success on these platforms? Develop key strengths in those areas.

As your influence grows, you will notice that your social media platforms naturally attract a greater following and engagement.

In the meantime, remember – be selective, stretch yourself, start with why this is important to your church ministry.