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Writing on your church blog regularly requires discipline, motivation, and a few practical habits.

Avoid hitting the creative wall and let your thoughts flow naturally on paper by using these 3 tips:

Write like you speak

Write like you speak

1. Write Like You Speak To The People At Church

Your writing voice should resonate your natural speaking voice. A mistake people commit while writing online is to use language that is too prim and proper.

Avoid using fancy words that require a dictionary to interpret.

Use simple, flowing, and plain language. It makes it a lot easier to read.

Using heavy words and flowery language to prop your sentences steals the attention from your content.

Language that is relatable and in your natural voice and personality will generate more interest in your writing.

2. Find The Right Topics Through Search Platforms

Look for topics that are trending on Twitter search, Facebook, Quora, and Reddit forums. The questions being asked on these online platforms are a goldmine for church blog topics.

Select topics that resonate with your values. You can start conversations on these forums to get a better understanding of how your thoughts and opinions can better serve people with related questions.

3. Pick A Topic That You Know

Good writing is always preceded by good research. How well do you know the topics you are writing on?

A reader will instantly spot an article that has been written by pulling random facts from several sources without the lack of data to back it up.

Write quality content on topics that you are genuinely interested in and have something to say about.