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On the topic of Millennials again, a big factor to the millennial generation is technology. Millennials weren’t the first generation to have technological advances, but it would be safe to say they are the first generation to be dictated by technology.

The world at your fingertips

Social Media is Constantly Evolving

For me, a 28-year-old Millennial, I remember the big things for me were computers, laptops, cell phones, email, instant messaging, internet, Myspace, iPods, Skype and Facebook.

That list has since grown to include so much more – Instagram, FaceTime, iPhones, Snapchat, countless social media platforms, and even more than I am familiar with.

With new things being added frequently, it is safe to say Millennials have grown up in a technology-driven world.

I remember when I started high school, I officially learned how to use the internet for writing papers and researching topics.

My world forever changed. I had a world of knowledge at my fingertips with being online.

Information is at out Fingertips

Us Millennials are quick to use the internet to get information when we need it fast.

Sometimes things we need or are looking for may be a specific bible verse, encouragement during a time of struggle, understanding a story from the Bible, a question about a doctrine, or suggestions for everyday life.

Churches can have these resources available online

Churches can use social media platforms to reach out to Millennials.

Millennials already spend so much time online, so churches can come to them by providing resources they can easily access.

It is a great way to reach this technological generation – supplying them with unlimited resources readily available at their fingertips.