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It’s not possible for Restoration Movement churches to go back to the 1st century. Bill Belew says he doesn’t even want to go back to the first century. There was no wi-fi then.

1st Century Church Restoration is NOT Biblical

1st Century Church Restoration

1st Century Church Restoration

One of the problems is that “restoration” is not a term referring to anything biblical when used in this sense.

But for many, it has become a hermeneutic for reading scripture, especially the book of Acts.

I don’t agree that we need to restore any attribute or practice of the early church. Restoration in this sense is not a biblical goal and certainly is not a priority of mission and purpose.

Acts Presents a Model for the Church … Sorta

Having said that, I do believe that Luke presented the community life of the Jerusalem church (Acts 2 and 4) as a model of what Deuteronomy 15 looked like in practice.

However he/Luke did not present it as a model to be imitated.

We would do well to take the lesson to heart and do whatever it takes to practice that kind of community.

But it’s tough to do when we’re preoccupied with so many other models and patterns we feel obligated to restore.