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Churches have a great opportunity to reach out to the many millennial fostering families in their attendance.

Big Push for Fostering

The last few years has seen a big push for fostering.

Many millennial couples are stepping up to the plate and welcoming children from all different backgrounds and with all different stories into their homes in hopes of providing a loving and stable family unit – sometimes for a brief amount of time and sometimes as a forever family.

This is a big calling, and requires a special heart to do such a task.

Hardships of Fostering

While fostering is commendable and a worthy thing to do, it comes with a list of hardships.

Fostering impacts the entire family financially, emotionally, and physically.

This can cause strain on relationships, finances and health.

Sometimes the couple already has biological children which adds in a whole new factor.

Churches can Help

Churches can come alongside these fostering families and help

Providing resources for fostering, basic information, agencies and FAQs for families interested in starting the process.

Hosting gatherings for fostering families to connect and get to know each other.

Creating a list of church members who are available to help in ways such as babysitting, cooking meals, etc.

Having an e-bulletin sent out on a monthly basis that offers resources, encouragement, and support specifically designed for fostering families.

Fostering families have a unique set up and have unique needs, and churches have a great opportunity to come alongside them and support them.

Imagine just how big of an impact is made when a family chooses to foster.

Knowing many of the families are millennials, and knowing the great need to reach this generation, churches can have a great opportunity to help with this need.