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Writing content regularly on your church blog that people will read (and share) is hard work.

Your best work might sometimes get a trickle of traffic, leaving you wondering if it is worth the effort.

There is more to blogging than just finding the right topics for your church website.

Here are 2 things that can increase the number of blog reads:

Write Content That Speaks Directly To Your Audience

If you are a ministry leader, you understand the importance of shaping your sermons to relate to your church members.

Capture the attention of your audience

Capture the attention of your audience with your content

A blog (unlike a sermon) serves the interests of a wider demographic, often leaving you clueless as to the audience who are interested in your writing.

Use analytic tools to track the traffic to your website. 

Find what titles attract the most hits. It could be, “How To Overcome Anxiety,” or, “7 Unusual Ways To Pop The Question,” or, “The Best Questions To Ask A Non-Christian Friend About Faith.”

Avoid wasting time creating generic content that appeals to the public in general. Once you’ve identified your target audience and the topics that interest them, shape all your posts to cater to this interest.

Use A Catchy Headline

Blogposts are often judged by their titles. A great post is often neglected because the title does not grab a reader’s attention.

Avoid cringe-worthy titles like, “You Won’t Believe This Insane Trick To Persuade People…” or, “The 4th Point Below Will Blow Your Mind!” 

If you want people to read your article, you have to write a title they will click on.

Don’t rush with the title. Spend a significant portion of your writing time on coming up with the right title for your post. And make sure it correctly describes your content.

Here are a few examples of titles that are likely to get clicks:

  • “How To Say NO To People.”
  • “5 Mistakes Parents Make With Their Millenial Children.”
  • “The Secret To A Happy Marriage.”
  • “Why The Church Should Focus More Energy On Social Media…”

Use these titles moderately or your content will be lost in the crowd.

Be genuine. And focus on helping people.