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Millennials have a desire to stop the trend of broken families, and churches can help support them in this.

Broken Families  and Cohabitation

With a very high divorce rate, it is safe to say a large handful of millennials grew up in broken homes.

They know the first-hand impact of divorce, and they don’t want that for their own family.

That could explain why many millennials are waiting to get married and are cohabitating in the meantime.

Cohabitation is a common practice among the millennial generation.

In their minds, they are wanting to make sure the person is “the one” before making things official with marriage vows.

They don’t want to end in divorce, so cohabitation is an alternative.

Marital Beauty

Providing Resources for Married Couples

With this trend of cohabitation, the need for marital support, counseling and resources is greater than ever.

Pre-marital counseling is common practice in many churches, but post-marital counseling isn’t as common – or it may not be advertised as much.

Churches can have bible studies and small groups geared towards millennial married couples that is led by a married couple with years of experience.

The importance of mentors for millennials have been brought up before, and churches could provide married mentors for seeking millennial couples.

Breaking the Stigma of Marriage Counseling

Pre-marital counseling is viewed as a positive thing to start a marriage off on the right track.

On the other hand, marriage counseling is viewed as something you do when you are in trouble and your marriage is falling apart.

As churches, we can help change this stereotype of counseling.

By hosting events geared specifically towards married millennials, having small groups, and married couple mentors, churches can break down those walls that might be keeping couples from seeking counseling.

Providing regular opportunities for millennial couples to prepare for marriage and work on their marriage will help break that trend of broken families.

Millennials are wanting this change, they just need some help, and churches can come alongside them and support them.