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Your social media content works best when it provides massive value.

There’s a stark contrast between consuming social media and creating for social media.

Creating builds your social media platforms. Consuming is everything else you do that has little effect on growth.

How do you stand out and actually provide value?

Pay Attention To Analytics

Browsing through Instagram profiles, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds is not always the best way to get inspiration for your posts. People tend to use similar language and hashtags, argue similar points, and generally stay in the middle of what is considered appropriate for these mediums.

If you find yourself browsing a bit too much, press the pause button on your social media habits. You should be creating way more than you consume.


Lift your stats!

Stuck for ideas? Study the analytics of your posts. Which of your posts get the most likes, dislikes, and views? Create your posts to fit what is most valuable to your readers.

Never post something that you don’t believe or support. Always post something that genuinely fits the values and vision of your church.

Define What Growth Looks Like

For some, growth is having a million followers. For some, it is building a loyal following of a thousand true fans.

Where do you stand on that spectrum? Have you got a clear vision for your social media?

If you find yourself joining social media platforms just because everyone else is doing it, you have two choices – either walk away (shut down, sign out and focus your energy elsewhere) or hire a digital media expert to guide you.

This brings the focus back to creating social media posts with the intention of growth.

This short post is a reminder that right now, you should stop reading and start creating!