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I needed some help from Christian scholars.

Finding the Best Book of Acts Commentary

Meaning of Word of God

Meaning of Word of God

I asked: Can someone recommend to me a book on the evangelistic strategies, methods, etc. from the book of Acts?

There are tons of books on the theology of Acts and then there are the general critical\exegetical commentaries.

I’m trying to find out if anyone has approached the book with the intention of identifying the early church’s missionary, evangelistic methods and strategies.

The books that were recommended to me … and which will keep me awake at night for some time to come. Or maybe put me to sleep during the day?

Best Acts Commentaries for Evangelism Strategies


Another writer here says –  “I believe it to be the single most important and insightful work on the book of Acts out there.”

Missionary Methods. St. Paul or Ours – Roland Allen

The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church and the Causes which Hinder It – Roland Allen

Evangelism in the Early Church – Michael Green

Reaching the Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art – Peyton Jones

Transforming Neighborhoods a Life at a Time: Personal Evangelism Jesus Style – Tim Wallingford

Which book do you think should go on this list?