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On the seventh day, God rested. 

Taking a break from technology is sometimes necessary. As a church leader, your creative energy is at risk without scheduled breaks.

In our age of hyper-connectivity, how do you unplug from all the expectations on your social media platforms and simply… take a break?

Here are a few ideas to set you up for your next mini-break from the world of cyber-everything:

#1 Schedule Your Posts

Before you switch off your phone and turn down your laptop for a short (or extended) break, create an online content calendar for your church to ensure consistency and continuity.

After scheduling your posts, delegate the responsibility of engaging with your followers if this is a short break (a routine Sunday unplug, for instance).

#2 Inform Your Audience

Create a simple image with text to inform your audience that you are switching off. Be clear as to why you will be unavailable, with alternate contacts, and a return date.

Set up auto responders on your email for those who are not following you on social media platforms.

Take a tech break!

Take a tech break!

#3 Taking A Technology Sabbatical?

Whether your intended break is a mini sabbatical or an extended vacation from technology, you will have to plan in advance. The days or weeks before you leave, you  might have to hustle like crazy to write and schedule posts for your church social media platforms.

Now is a good time to invite guest bloggers to share their thoughts on your church website.

To resist the temptation of reaching for your phone or laptop, leave them behind for the duration of your technology-sabbatical. Having gadgets in easy reach is going to test your resolve to unplug.