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What are some obstacles to young people being part of a youth ministry at the local church?

Big Question – Lots of Responses

Big Obstacles to Young People in Local Church

Big Obstacles to Young People in Local Church

Some questions elicit more responses than others. This question was one.
I asked nearly 20,000 RM pastors/Preachers and other Youth Pastors.
“Which of these reasons do you think are obstacles to young people being part of the church?”
I got a huge response … and a BIG SURPRISE
  1. 35%  young people are over-scheduled.  Misplace by priorities of the parents?
  2. 32%  church lacks appeal/relevance – no friends, betrayal, hypocrisy, not meeting needs
  3. ​17%  adult abandonment – lack of mentorship – mentee relationships, leadership training
  4.   2%  omnipresent technology – enough ‘friendships online.’
  5.   2%  sexual experimentation – church is too prudish

2 Surprise Responses

Did those last 2 responses … or lack of surprise you? They surprised me.
Do young people:
  • Prefer to be online to gathering physically with other Christians? No.
  • Feel the church is too ‘old’ for them? No.
  • Wish their parents would give them a break in their schedules? Yes.
  • Wish the church would help them where they are? Yes, they do.
  • Want to connect more with older people? Yes, they do.
Connect your older people with your younger people in a more relevant way = good discipleship … and your youth ministry will thrive.