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What to do with our money?

Christians in independent churches are likely no different than Christians elsewhere.

Holding on tight to their money.

  1. This would be my last penny.

    There is no command to tithe in the New Testament. The tithe was for the Temple and the priests.

  2. The only appeals for financial giving in the New Testament are for the needy. The only examples of giving in the early church were for the needy.
  3. The early church is not presented as a model. There is not “approved precedent.” There is no mandate in scripture to “restore” the early church practices in terms of giving.

I considered the sort of giving where we provide for those going on missionary journies but lumped it in with the needy.

The itinerant workers had needs. Even Paul acknowledges a Philippian gift of this nature.

Bill weighed in:

We shouldn’t be asking how much we should be giving. We should be asking, where is the line of being ridiculous in our giving.

How do you decide how much to give?