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A favorite story that Brother B. F. Hall loved to tell happened among the Cherokee Indians of North Alabama. A Methodist circuit rider visited the Indian community in the Spring of 1825 to distribute Testaments among them. A young Indian received a Bible and proceeded to read it with diligence.

In the fall, the Methodists held a camp meeting in nearby Jacksonville, Alabama. The Indian went, requesting baptism. When he spied the preacher who had given the Bible, he informed him that he wished to go to the river for baptism. The preacher insisted that he could baptize him without going to the river.

He proceeded to take a glass of water and offered to pour it on the young man’s head The Indian looked at the preacher and seriously asked, “Is that baptism?

The preacher responded affirmatively.

At that, the Indian said, “Colonel, if that is baptism, you gave me the wrong book” (page 25).