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In Exodus Chapter 3, God calls a bush to be a bush.  He does not call the bush to be anything special, all God needed was the bush to be what he needed:  a bush.  As a result, God burned within that bush and shown in glory!  But the bush was a bush.

Sometimes we get demoralized by weird things. Sometimes we look at the other churches, the world, and the media and we just feel like we can’t compete. We feel like if we don’t have the best equipment, and the best speakers, and the best presentation we will be rejected.

It feels like God wants us to be burning bushes

I own a small coffee shop in rural Kansas. I run this shop with my daughter.  It is a hobbled together venture of spit, hope, and duck tape. We have some expensive equipment and we have some econo – equipment. Some of you live in great coffee areas with shops that have French and Italian 3 phase espresso machines that cost $10,000 and produce amber gold espresso with a heady crema.

At my shop I have a coffee pot, a Mr. Coffee espresso machine (15 bars of pressure!), a bean grinder and a stand-alone milk frother/steamer. I have nice kitchen stuff mainly because I had them in storage. But I had 0 dollars to buy an espresso machine.

My daughter found it embarrassing, I feel inadequate and like I am being judged. But I discovered – My coffee pot and small espresso makes exactly what I need: delicious coffee and espresso with a nice thick crema that my customers like. It is a cheap $100 single head machine that my little shop is using to compete against shops that have 6 head machines that cost more than my building.

But the little espresso machine does exactly, exactly what I want. It makes golden amber espresso and crema. And as it chugs and steams, gurgling its little shots of espresso, I talk with some people at my counter and I have fellowship and you know what?

Customers never cared if my machine was Italian

They weren’t buying a brand name, they were buying my creation and my service. The machine really didn’t matter as much as the man running it. Sure my espresso isn’t as thick and foamy as the big boys, but it tastes good, affordable and brings customers back.

God wants you to be his friend

I didn’t need my machine to be a great barista, I needed it to be a great tool.

God doesn’t need the bush to be a great bush, just a faithful bush.

God doesn’t need you to be a great human being, just his friend.

In your ministry you don’t worry about how big that church down the road is, you don’t worry about whether or not you have a light or sound system, or if it’s top brand. You need to remember one thing: God placed you there – planted you so to say to be a regular bush.

A place that he may come and burn from within – and this light is shown through your relationships and love. Not your clothes, stage equipment, or the number of followers.

If you are a little Mr. Coffee in a world High Dollar Espresso machines, you just make good coffee for your master that he can give to those who need it.