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Where is the line of giving ridiculously? Too many local churches have it all wrong.

To Tithe or Give Generously

To Tithe or Give Generously

You know the system in many (not all) churches is definitely a one way system, the people are giving to the church, but then that money is not used for the community, the poor, widows, or orphans- it’s used for bigger buildings, higher salaries, and other causes that do not help those who are giving.

Why does God ask the Christian to give?

Earlier this year I asked the question would you be part of a church that did not help those in it’s assembly who were in need. I was actually surprised how many people replied that we should not expect support or help from the church, but we should just give with no expectation of return.

It changed my viewpoint on giving and tithes. I want my money to go to ministries that are actually giving back to their people, and helping those that are hurting.

Media Center or Feed the Needy

A photograph in an article really stood out for me. Though a picture of feeding the homeless, buying clothes for children could have been chosen instead a picture of a half a million dollar media setup with fancy lights, big organ, and nice facilities.

That’s great! If the needs of the hurting were met first. There is not one suggestion or implication in the NT about building fancy worship centers. But there is a lot about the sharing resources and helping the hurting. There are also guidelines on stopping those from taking advantage of the church too.

In missions one of the questions is this: what percentage of your donation goes toward those in need versus the pockets of those running the ministry? And we condemn charities that have very high overhead and low giving.

To Tithe or Not to Tithe

If we are discussing the biblical authenticity of tithing, I think we should discuss the biblical authenticity of what should be done with those tithes.

People in need first, facilities and things second is how I understand spending.

And yes I have seen even mega churches that do an excellent job of caring for their poor and widow. And I have seen poor churches as well.

But I have also seen a lot of churches that only exist to exist. The money goes for facilities and salaries and nothing goes back to the community, the poor, the orphan, or the widow.