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It’s really hard to juggle our Christian lives as well as focusing on our academics, professions, housework, and many more.

And at times or another, we’ve all tried to keep our balance while walking on a fence.

Sometimes, we’d make it and sometimes we would fall.

But I think the ability to pick ourselves up from the fall and getting back on the fence is the key.

And one of the keys in spiritual discipline is “Priority,” which I mentioned in my last post.

John 14:15 declares, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

Isn’t it true that people try to prove God’s love by doing this or that for God?

Lord, I’m tithing, I’m serving, I’m helping out with the homeless ministry and etc.

And by doing the earthly things, we try to prove that I’m a child of God.

But this is such a legalistic way of trying to prove that we love God.

But John declares, “IF you love God you will keep His commandments.”

What God wants is this: “_______ fill in the blank with your name”….I want you to first fall in madly in love with me. Fall head over heels with me and you will have no trouble keeping my commandments.

When you are in love, the sky is the limit!

I had a friend whose girlfriend was attending UC San Diego and he was attending UC Santa Barbara at the time.

One night, as they were talking, the girlfriend said, “I miss you so very much and I want to see you now!”

And the boyfriend hung up the phone and drove some 330 miles to see her and drove 330 miles back to attend his first class at 9 a.m.

You see this is a relational aspect of what God wants from our lives.

“If you love Jesus, you will keep His commandments.”

Would you fall in ‘LOVE’ with Jesus as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!