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Back in the 1800’s the Disciples of Christ (which was what our brotherhood was known as back then) was the fastest growing and most vibrant religious group in the United States. Why? Because it had two things going for it. First it had a simple and superior theology (things like “where the Bible speaks we speak” and “no creed but Christ, no book but the Bible and no law but Love”) and second, it had a boldness that refused to stay confined in the four walls of church buildings. They wrote pamphlets and books, engaged in debates with denominational leaders. And as time went on, they converted whole congregations to their mindset that and started new congregations like wildfire.

How did they do that?

And they did it all without a central organization or owning a single publishing house. How did they do that? They did it because they strongly believed they had a message that needed to be proclaimed, and so they fought to find ways to make their voices heard.

Before you ask “why don’t ‘we’ do that?” ask yourself “why don’t ‘I’ do that?” What Bill Belew is doing in this blog is one of those ways. He has determined to give a forum for our preachers and other leaders to share ideas and challenge each other to greater heights. He’s not waiting on Christian Standard, or some other brotherhood publication to do this for him. This is his contribution to the cause.

The answer is to publish

So, why don’t you do that? There’s an old adage “publish or perish”. If a group develops a fortress mentality where it simply preaches to the choir (or simply writes for its own fans) – it will eventually perish. So publish. Publish your sermons on sermoncentral.com for example. Several years back, Sermoncentral published a list of the top 10 contributors on their site. Of those ten, FIVE of them were from our brotherhood. Why such a high percentage? Because our guys tend to preach Christ rather than creeds. Our best men are hard-core Bible folk who make no apologies for the power of God’s Word.

I’ve published my sermons on Sermoncentral for nearly 20 years now and I do it for many reasons. But one of the most prominent reasons I publish sermons there is so I can influence the thinking of the Baptists, Episcopalians, Charismatics, etc. who use that site. And it costs me nothing more than the time to transpose the sermons into readable text. And it’s free.

In addition, publish articles in your church newsletter. Don’t settle for pabulum. Write challenging articles that build the faith of your readers and prompt them to trust God and His Word with their lives. Get your folks thinking beyond ritualistic church going into vibrant walks of faith.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat… whatever. Use something. Spread the simple doctrine of trusting God’s Word rather than human creeds and doctrines. Don’t be satisfied with simply serving within the four walls of your church building. As one person noted, “set yourself on fire and the world will come to see you burn.”