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My name is Parisa. I’m from Thailand. I like to play ping pong. My favorite food is coconut chicken. I like to learn something new. I like to talk with new people. I don’t like homeless. I’ve been here in San Francisco for three and a half year. I had been many places in California. I very like it. When I walked on the street I could hear people talk more than three languages. People were different in this city. Sometimes odd is good, good is odd. I worked about Logistics for ten years before I came here, but now I almost forgot it ha ha !. I started to learn English at City college of San Francisco for two years. I very love this school. They teach step by step. I learned how to read, write and speak with a good teacher. They had taught the different way that I never learn before. I had many international friends from different countries. I went back to Thailand last year. When I visited Thailand for my vacation it was funny because I miss San Francisco and want to come back ha ! I plan to go different city for the next year. I might learn something different  !!!