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 Hi everyone,my name is Sirirat nickname is Bee this is my second class in OIKOS University but I lived in United State for 4 Years.My experience in Thailand is working in Five stars hotel in Thailand such as Hyatt and Hilton hotel .My main reason to come here is studying in  English And playing Lotto  ( hope my big dream come true ). My favorite sport is swimming I can swimming like a shark to 🤣I love meditation it helps  me calm and conscious to do the certain things be smartly and sharply. I keep focusing to study for better job and life in the future  to taking care my family I am really close to my family I call to my family everyday we have sharing ,preparing and helping each other luckily my mom and my sister they are funny They can make my bad day be better and easier all the time when I speak with them finish my story background I gonna tell you Bill you make me surprise from the beginning I saw you before get in the class room I am curious who is this guy and now I know you are my teacher in special version your profile was amazing nice to meet you teacher.🙏🏻🙏🏻😊