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My name is Panpaporn Klongkankian.You can call me Orn, it’s my nickname.I come from Thailand.

I grew up in Lamphun, the north of Thailand.Then I moved to Chonburi to studied in University.

I was graduated from Burapha University  at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and my minor subject is Religions and Philosophy.


After I graduated I came to The United states.My uncle and my aunt living in The United states.


I have half- brother and half-sister.They are older than me.I’m not close to my brother and sister because we are not growing up together and they are live in Bangkok.

Life in The United States

My uncle is the owner of Thai restaurant at Berkley.

I live at my uncle’s house and I help him to manage the restaurant for example buy the material or supplier for the restaurant.

I like to try a new things that I never did before.When I have a free time I like to baking.

I come to Oikos University because when I was in University I was studied about Religions and Philosophy as my minor and I would like to learn more about Christian.

And talking about religion to me, it’s one of the most important part in my life . Even I was born in Buddhist county, there are a lot of people around me believe in Jesus Christ .

I have been through many situations involving with god experiences. Among those stories I have heard, I found out there some misunderstanding about god. This confused thought about God is in my mind since then. I have tried many ways to help people out about misunderstanding but didn’t work well in some point. This is the main reason why I want to continue my education in Oikos university. It’s my dream to become a Christian teacher in my home country where they need the right belief. 

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