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Hi My name is Kanrawee Setsakhonkun. My nickname is Nan. I come from Samutsakhon in Thailand. Samutsakhon is a center part of Thailand. I have a older brother and older sister. I’m is a youngest.

I’ve been in San francisco for 2 years. I live here with my older sister. In Thailand i’ve been a banker for 3 years and my previous work was a salesperson about a real estate. I came to the US because i would like to study in English language for improve myself. I thought in English it’s important for nowadays and useful for myself to use in my career in the future. I think a knowledge is endless to learn. I like to live in San Francisco because the weather is so nice and transportation are convenient. In San Francisco have a lot kind of food so i like to try that. But my favorite food is Thai food because i like spicy food.