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Professor Belew

Professor Belew

I am not a new teacher.

I am old. I am your old teacher.

I teach writing in the other class. I like to write more than I like to talk.

Western Civilization is a Writing Class

In this class we are going to write a LOT.  If you do not like to write you will be miserable. Do you know miserable?

Miserable = very unhappy. Sad. you will cry!

And I don’t care if you cry.

Birthplace of Western Civilization Professor

I was born and raised in the United States.

I left the United States when I was in my 20s.

I joined the US Navy.

I went to Asia to work. My ship was based in Japan.

Yokosuka, Japan … near Yokohama.

Tell You Secrets Then Kill You

In the Navy, I worked as an Intelligence Officer. Every morning I woke up and I read Top Secret information.  I reported the information to my Commander.

I can tell you some top secrets.  But then … I will have to kill you.

Do you want to know a top secret?

Who is first?

I will have to kill you.

Not a joke.

Family of Oikos Professor of Western Civilization

My wife is “Made in China.”

It’s true. It says Made in China on the back … but we do not show to anybody.

It’s personal.

I met her online.

I travelled to China – Shenzhen to meet her face to face.

Our first date was in Koh Chang Thailand.

We rented a motorbike. And I wrecked the bike and she went flying off the back.

I nearly killed her before we got married. Now she wants to kill me.

We have a daughter.

She is 10-years old. She is my hero.

I have 2 sons. They are 36- and 32-years old.

The older boy is a classical pianist.

And a sculptor.

The younger boy is a scientist.

The younger boy is studying molecular genetics in Boston.

Many Locations Many Experiences

I have lived in Silicon Valley for almost 20 years.

I lived in Ohio for 20, Japan for 20 and CA for 20. I am only 40 years old.

It’s a mystery.

I lived and worked in Japan for almost 20 years – Niigata.

I can speak Japanese, too. Of course. I can speak Japanese abt the same as I speak English.

Paperless classes in California

I do not like paper.

Welcome to California. We are saving trees.

I don’t really care abt the trees. I just don’t like paper.

I lose things easily. And papers fly out of my car window … and people get mad at me. 

We will do EVERYTHING online.

Me, too!