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What do you know about me ?

     Hey ! My name is Suparadar munsak. You can call me “ MINK ”. I am from Thailand. It’s around 13,863 km. that far from my country and I have been here for 2 years.So Do you know much i miss my home. Very much.

       So about my education I graduated financial and banking but I never have experience at work before. Actually i don’t like a math and counting. I decided to study this major cause of my parents are working in the bank and I think it’s look easy job but it isn’t easy to learning in university. 

When i have a  free time i like to play the guitar and listening music. I like to travel. I like the natural, mountain and beach.When i go to outside it refreshing my life. Then it’s make me feel happy and relaxing. If you want to get some happiness. Let’s go traveling.


Why i am decided to come here ?

        One day, I joined English class that they talked about get more experience in USA. I was interesting about it then i decided to come here. So first time I came USA in 2015 by work and travel visa. My sponsor is farther. That time I wasn’t speak English well. Cause I was living for 3 months. After I finished university. I think English is important to learning and I decided to come back here again.


What i am doing here ?

        I was studying in English school  in San Francisco for 2 years. Im learning too many things from people for example. Food ,Language, lifestyle and believe. The most important thing is English language. Because i can communicates a lot of people and making friend easy. 

– Thank you –