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Oikos Student of English Composition 101 – Chao Warangkana Biography

My name is Chaowarakse Warangkana.
I am from Thailand. My hometown, Kanchanaburi, is in the west which is the historic city of World War II.
Before I came here, I had been working for a few years after I graduated.
Actually I quitted a job and had been unemployed for a year before coming to the US.

Life in USA
I do not know what I am doing now. I am sort of lost!
The reason why I come to Oikos University is I believe I am following my faith; I have not believed in any religions since I was young. Now I try to open my mind.
I hope to learn new things here at Oikos University which I have never known and hope to get my life to the right way.

Lovely Family 
I have a nuclear family. My parents have two daughters and are living in my hometown. My sister is my hero! :))
She has been working as an project engineer for years in bangkok, Thailand.

Last for myself
Since my full name is so long, I, of course, have a nickname. My nickname is Chilly Willy.
I am not good at writing. Every time I wrote, I took too long time thinking and dreaming before writing.
I hope I will not be lazy and will not give up.
Again, my sister is my hero. I will ask her if she likes writing or not! 🙂

Chao Warangkana