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My name is Hye Lan Cho

I am from Seoul.Korea.

I was a teacher in kindergarten and my  church sunday school elementary students teacher. I surely believe God and Jesus also eternal life in heaven.

I often used to pray about my future

It means what am I doing for God in this world? I am always asking that question  to God I would like to make God happy ^^

I came to USA 5 months ago

Because I wanted to be a volunteer in care home for senior like grandmother and grandfather.

One of my church member sister has opened a care home in California.USA.

So I am working for seniors in there for 5 months as a volunteer.

It is not easy for me I think it is one of hardest work but when I am helping these people, I sometimes remember my grandparents because they took care of me instead of my parents when I was young. So I feel like them my grandmother and grandfather.

I think it makes God happy and joyful~^^

I am working in care home until September(for 6 months).

I am praying and doing my best in there.

I have some dream in Oikos university.

1.I really want to learn more English well.

2.study Biblical studies  in Oikos.

3.Make a lot of varios international students in Oikos.

.study christain Education in USA

4. working preschool or christian mission school in USA

5. Help various poor people in USA and around world (as a missionary)

Now I have no idea about my future

However God knows my life and his will

So I am still pray for my study.work and future.

I am sure for God makes my way! ^^

Thank you for reading my story ^^

Oikos student Cho hye lan

Oikos student Cho hye lan