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Born and raised in Thailand

My name is Dhanasetii Chodvorapan, you can call me “Mee” as a short name. I was born and raised in the Northern Thailand , a famous province which known as Chiangmai. After I graduated from college I have moved to Bangkok the capital city of Thailand. I worked as a customer services for Thai Airways International At Don Muang Airport. I worked at the airport for several years. 


I think I need to improve my communication skill in order to communicate in English more effectively. I hope to get a promotion in a higher position in my career. In order to fulfill my dream and my goal, therefore, I’ve decided took off from my beloved country to the US the land of opportunity and freedom. 

Life in the US

In the United States, I am a full time student. Beside of English I’ve learned and gained more experience in other areas as well. Especially the American culture, I have to make an eye contact when I talk to people, for instance. In Thailand we don’t really make an eye contact when we talk particularly to the teacher. If we do so it implies a sign of challenging. Unlike in the US whenever I don’t make an eye contact it means that I din’t pay attention to a person who talks to me. 

Popular career

Being in the Bay Area for a while. I’ve learned that knowing how to code is another thing that I should  put in my consideration since it can be earned huge income per year.