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My name is Jirattha Ananpipatpong. You can call me Oa. You can pronounce my name like a letter O! I don’t think you want to call my full name which is a lot harder.

Life in Thailand

I would say I am Thainese because my parents are Chinese but I was born in Thailand so that made me Thainese. I’m from Bangkok,Thailand. I used to live in the state for 8 years and then I moved back to Thailand. When I went back to Thailand, I was working as a GM’s personal assistant and CRM Senior Exclusive at Porsche Centre Pattanakarn in Bangkok. I was working for awhile and felt like moving back to the State. So I decided to come back and that I applied for the fall semester in B.B. B.S at Okios University. I always wanted to attend seminary school and finally, I made it. I live in San Francisco and it takes only 30-40 minutes depending on the traffic to get to school. It’s not that bad at all. 

How I became a Christian

However, let me tell you a little more about my background and faith. I grew up and was raised in a strong Buddhist family but I became a Christian after I met my pastor Tim Owens in Thailand. I decided to accept Christ into my life. The reason why I attended to this school because I would like to grow more and go deeper in God’s word. I want to become a good servant for Christ.