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My name is Pannitcha Chongpanyawat. Call me Blue. I am from Thailand. Now I live in San francisco. I have 3 siblings. I do not have any family member living in the US with me. I have been in the US about 3 years. I was a Tour-guide in Thailand for 2 years. I really enjoy my career in the past 2 years because I love travel. I will travel all over the world if I could. I live with this passion and the United state is my choice for Travel and Study. 

Oikos university is the place where I can study only one day a week, great option ever. I am Buddhist. I know this school is about a Christian and Bible things but it is best time to learn about it. I hope this place could educate me. 

My English skill is immediate level if I scale myself. Writing is not my favorite but I will try hard to be better. Gramma is one of the hardest part of all English skills. In my country, Thai language is the most common it is mean I was studied English language for a second language about 15 years, if I telling this story  to the people there will imagine I will pretty much fluent of it but of course not. I learn but I did not use it then I forgot. I practice but not enough. I speak but only in the class room. I have been here only 3 years and I surrounding by people who speak mostly English language that helpful.