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Hi! 🙋🏻‍♀️ My name is Phirinya Chotchamit 

I’m from Thailand that’s why I have a very long name usually I think Thai people are have a long name not just only me but by the way you can call me “ May “ it’s my nickname. 

     I’m 26 year old and I have my younger sister she is very nice but sometimes we were fighting too ( not sometimes I mean all the time 😪 ) 

     When I was child about 3 year old my parents sent me to Christian school in Bangkok that time I cannot understand anything maybe because of I’m a child in that time I’ve been studying in that school for 10 year and then my parents decided to move to Phichit province North of Bangkok Thailand.

       When I was 20 year old I went to the university and studied about business for 4 years then after I graduated from the university my teacher invited me to work at the company that her husband was the owner there it is the company about stainless steel. I think working in this company was very excited but the problem is my English because my boss he is Thai but he spoke with me in English and I don’t understand clearly then I decided to come here for learn more English and I have been studying for 2 year already until now.