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Introduce myself.

Hi. My name is Teeraput Wessapraweenwech. I know that difficult to pronounce so you can call me Mac. My nickname is look like Apple’s  product but I am not the apple fan.

My Home town.

I am from Bangkok, Thailand. I lived in this city 28 years. I lived, studied and worked in Bangkok.

It is a wonderful city but I don’t like it. It is so noisy and worse traffic congested area.

Good things in Bangkok are variety of food and services. You can find convenient stores (7 eleven) that open 24/7 every conner. That is the best thing that I love it.

Moving to the US.

I moved to the US in 2011.I have been here 7 years.

I live in San Francisco with my wife.

My wife is Thai and we met each other in University.

Before I moved to the US, I had worked as pharmacist for pharmaceutical company for 5 year.

Working as sale representative 2 years and promoted to marketing department 3 years.

My wife moved to the US in 2010.

I was very meet her that is the reason why I moved to the US.

I started studying English in ESL school in San Francisco for 3 years. My english skill was very poor. I got “D” in english class when I studied in University. I hated english because I never understood it. English grammar was complicated. But now I love it because of my wife. She is the good teacher. She taught me with patient.

My free time.

I spent my free time to reading books, novel and self-improvement. I also love photography.Taking my wife portrait is my lovely activity.

Playing the video game is the one thing I do usually.

Education in the US.

After 3 years in ESL, I transferred to University in Oakland. Spending 3 years in MBA program.

Now I decide to move to Oikos University because I would like to study philosophy.

Studying in human thought is the one I am interested in.

My dream.

I have a dream. Once day I would open the nursery in San Francisco. Helping Thai parents who don’t have much money.

And I have a plan to open the private school in Thailand. To improve the potential of thai children.

I wish I can teach student with knowledge and philosophy.

Knowledge can bring the opportunities and make you rich.

But philosophy can make you happy and calm.

People should get rich and happy that is the perfect life that I thought.