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Hi.. Bill

As know as

My first name is Jukreewat suthon.Also you can call me Wave. That’s my nick name. I am 25 years old. I am from Bangkok. I am the only child that my parents had.I was a student in Bangkok university then I graduated from advertisement marketing majors.

The reality 

I am a full-time student. That ‘s just what I hope. !!! 😏 But in reality I have to work to help myself pay the tuition. My job is about sale something online. ( Ebay ) It’s just a par-time job. I also have a second job. But that’s secret. !! I can tell you about my second job. But if I tell you this writing might be over 200 words. I will stick on your ordered 👌🏻 I’ve been in US about 2 years and a half. I live in Berkeley with my grandma and my girlfriend. My grandma got a new married with American guy. So that is why I came to US. Because I do have the place that I can live then no rental payment. I hope

that I can learn more English from someone who speak English very well then know how to make the class comfortable and exciting. I also like the way that you doing now. Your profile is very interesting then I want to know you more.