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Student of Western Civilization

My name is Angkana Wattanadumrong. My nickname is LookJeab, that is my friends and my family call me. I was born in Thailand and that the country where I came from. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I’m the fourth one.

I’m got bachelor’s degree in Communications arts and master’ s degree in Economics Law. I’ve started work at bank in credit analysis position and still in this place for 3years. Then, I move to another which has head office in Japan name is Hitachi capital. I worked there for 7year and I decided to quit then.

First, I decided to went to Australia for studied English and I discussed with my friend who want to go with me. But, she convinced me to came to San Francisco because she have been there before. Then, we came here for 4years now.

First year life in US, was really hard for me because I never far from my family. I called them everyday, talk to them every night and want to go back there but I have to think about my goal and I cannot give up. So, I tried to do many things, I went to school everyday, hanged out with my friends then, I felt better.

Last years, I got a big problem in my student life because I decided to take class in San Francisco School of Massage. I have to go to study on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I have to go to language school on Monday to Thursday as well. So that’s why, I decided to move to Oikos because they study just one day a week.

After I finish studying at Oikos I want to go back to my home country for live with my family as before.