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          My name is Khanittha Kraithong, my friends call me “Tha”. I come from Thailand. Before I was in the United States I used to work at the restaurant in the hotel in Bangkok.

I was born and raised in Suphanburi       After I graduate high school I moved to Bangkok to study in the University by myself. I had to work when I studies in the University because I have to pay rent and living coast, that was hard time for me a little bit but I always told myself you can do it

          Now I’m study at Oikos University

I live  in San Francisco

My Parents live in Thailand by themselves

I have one younger brother and he live in Korea right now

I have been here for 3 years and I used to study at the English School before I came to study here

My English is not good enough that’s why I come to the USA

I want to approve my English if I can

I’m almost  35 years old and next month is my Birthday

I have been to travel in the USA many place now

About summer this year I went to Las Vegas with my friends