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My name is Wilaiwan Phaphithak.My friend called me Jessie.I come from Thailand. Before I came here. I had worked for my family business about 4 years.When I was studying in the university.I have had a chance to come in the US for Work and Travel Program.

Then I came back to the US again.I have two older sisters and one younger brother. One of my sister live in Florida. That is the reason why I came here.Some people asked me “Why don’t you live in Florida as your sister?” Because I don’t like a quiet city. So I like here more than Florida.

I have a tiny pet. She is my daughter. I love her as much as I can love.I gave her name in Thai. Her name is Lam Yai . The meaning is longan. It’s a kind of a Thai fruit. I really like her name because it’s very old fashion in Thai  so nobody want to use this name. She is one and half years. After I had done from work I feel so relax. When I get home and play with her. She is apart of my life already. I took her to many place that I go such as Lake Tahoe , LA , Arizona . I have a goal to travel with my dog around the state.