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About Me

My name is Pakpimkarn Booncharn.  My nick name is Pak.

I am from Thailand. I was born in Bangkok. I have been in USA for about 5 years.

Before I came to USA, I graduated for my bachelor’s degree in Advertising.

Study at Oikos University

Now I study at Oikos university in Theology.

I chose Oikos university because I needed to learn how god teach about life.

I wanted to know more about Christian and how we can use those knowledge apply in every

day life.

 My family

About my family, it is a big family. I have a father, a mother, 2 step mothers.

I have 1 young sister and 2 young brothers.

My younger sister is 13 years old.

My younger brothers are 11 and 9 years old.

My family live in Bangkok, Thailand .

My father and mother work in Department of Land Transport.

My younger sister and 2 younger brother are studying in Sarasas

School but they are not in the same location.

My young sister and 2 younger brother like playing golf.

On Saturday and Sunday in the morning, My father always knock the door to wake up

everybody to go to the golf court for exercise.

” I love my family the most in the world…”

Pakpimkarn Booncharn