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Course Syllabus

Oikos University: FALL 2018 ENG 101


The mission of Oikos University is to educate men and women to be leaders to serve the church, local communities, and the world by using their learned skills and professions in the areas of Biblical studies.

Course Number and Title: ENG 101: English Literature

Semester: Fall, 2018

Professor: William C. Belew, PhD, MFA

E-mail address/Phone: wcbelew@gmail.com  —  408-712-3268

Office Hours (Students may meet with their professor by appointment or during the following regularly scheduled office hours or during or after the class):

Day and Time: Tuesday 12:30 pm-15:00 pm.                                

Place:  C101


Will provide broad foundation for understanding English-speaking and writing patterns of thought and belief.




Students will read the Gospel of Mark.

Students will improve their spoken and written English as well as their understanding of essential English writing techniques.  




  • Students will understand and be able to discuss the meaning of stories.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate their improved understanding of English and reading of literary stories through class discussion and regular writing
  • Students will be able to analyze key themes in American culture in the light of important spiritual and life themes relating to religious and spiritual development.
  • Students will demonstrate their improved understanding of written English through a final project appropriate to their current performance level.




  1. Required Materials: This class is a PAPERLESS class.

Students are expected to bring their laptops or tablets and are required to maintain and bring to every class an organized system for note-taking, reading review and discussion.


  • Required Reading: All students are required to read the Gospel of Mark in translations – native and English of their choice


  1. Gospel according to Mark – Translation of your Choice
  2. COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND TIME ESTIMATES (at least 15 hours/credit):
Requirements Time Estimate
Homework – QnA 15
Compositions 20
Final Presentation & Project 10
Total Hours 45 (3 credits)



  • COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND TIME ESTIMATES (at least 15 class hours/credit)


  • Attendance: Regular attendance in class is an important part of your own learning as well as valuable for your classmates because each of you represents an important point of view and you come with important life experiences. Active and informed participation in class is indispensable. Semester required attendance: 45 hours.
  • Participation in Class Discussion: Class discussion is a part of the educational experience of this class. It is a place to learn to listen to and learn from the thoughts of others. It is also a place to learn to articulate your ideas in the course of conversation and learn cooperative leadership skills. Semester independent group discussion: 15 hours
  • Readings: Read all assigned readings carefully. Read the questions that have been distributed and answer them using your English version of choice. Write down the questions for the items that you don’t understand or disagree with to bring to class to contribute to discussion.
  • Students will make oral presentations of their written assignments. Students must keep all course writing in an online Writing Portfolios for review, maintain a journal of their own for writing expression and contribute to the class website: 45 hours.
  • Remember:
  • Always bring your laptop/tablet to every class with you.
  • Always bring past class notes and your notes related to the topic for the day.
  • Always bring at least two questions that the reading raised for you.



  • Grading Scale


Letter Grade Numerical Grade Grade Points Quality of Performance
A 95-100 4.0 Outstanding
A- 90-94 3.7 Excellent
B+ 87-89 3.3 Good +
B 84-86 3.0 Good
B- 80-83 2.7 Good –
C+ 77-79 2.3 Satisfactory +
C 74-76 2.0 Satisfactory
C- 70-73 1.7 Satisfactory –
D+ 67-69 1.3 Poor
D 64-66 1.0 Very Poor
D- 60-63 0.7 Extremely Poor
F 59 or lower 0 Failure


  • Grading Rubric



Requirements Percent of Total
Homework, In-Class Writing 30%
Writing – Posting 50%
Final Presentation & Project 20%
Total 100%


All coursework is due on the dates assigned. No work is accepted late.  In all cases and unless otherwise stated by the instructor, all course work is due by beginning of class.

A grade of incomplete will only be awarded to students who cannot physically complete their course work by the last day of the semester due to an unavoidable situation such as a serious illness. In such cases, students must provide valid evidence of their condition. After a semester has ended it is no longer possible to request an incomplete. Incompletes will not be granted simply because of poor time management.  Students who assume that an incomplete will be issued because they failed to finish their course work by the end of the semester will automatically receive a grade of F. Incompletes must first be approved by the Academic Affairs office. To apply for an incomplete, students must fill out an incomplete-grade-request form and submit it to the office by December 2, 2018. After receiving approval from the office, the student must then obtain approval from his or her instructor.

  1. ATTENDANCE POLICY:  Students must attend all classes. If necessary, there may be a total of TWO EXCUSED classes during the semester if they contact the professor or the school BEFORE class begins and are excused from attending. Final grade will be reduced half level if student misses 3 classes, a full level for 4 classes. Students will receive an F for failure with 5 or more missed classes. (This means, if a student misses 3 classes and is doing B work, the grade will be B-. If a student misses 4 classes and is doing B work, the grade will be C.) Student with continuous emergency situations must discuss it with school officials and professor before the end of the semester.
  2. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Plagiarism and cheating are unacceptable. Plagiarism is defined as the use of someone else’s ideas, arguments or other original material without acknowledging the source, including any material from Wikipedia, public websites or educational materials on the Internet. All materials from sources must be correctly noted, with author, title and page numbers, in footnotes or endnotes. If student is found to have violated academic integrity standards, student will be given an F. No recourse is given.

1) The grace to understand God’s presence in the words we use daily – spoken and written.

2) The grace for those touched by the Christian Church to learn from Jesus and remain faithful in all actions to the gospel preached by Jesus Christ.

3) The grace to practice the virtues and avoid the vices as taught through Jesus Christ.

COURSE SCHEDULE:  Eng 101: English Composition

Date Class Topic Assignments
8/28/18 Introduction – 10 Essay None
9/4 Mark 1 Read Mark 1
9/11 Mark 2 Mark 2
9/18 Mark 3 Mark 3
9/25 Mark 4 Mark 4
10/2 Mark 5  Mark 5
10/9 Mark 6   Mark 6
10/16 Mark 7 Mark 7
10/23 Mark 8 Mark 8
10/30 Mark 9 Mark 9
11/6 Mark 10 Mark 10
11/13 Mark 11 Mark 11
11/20 Mark 12 Mark 12
11/27 Mark 13-14 Mark 13-14
12/4 Mark 15 Mark 15
12/11 Mark 16 Mark 16