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I am not a new teacher

I am old

I am your old teacher


I teach writing in the other class.

I like to write more than I like to talk.


In this class we are going to write a LOT.

If you do not like to write you will be miserable.

Do you know miserable?

Miserable = very unhappy. Sad. you will cry!

And I don’t care if you cry.


I was born and raised in the United States.

I left the United States when I was in my 20s.

I joined the US Navy.


I went to Asia to work. My ship was based in Japan.

Yokosuka, Japan … near Yokohama.


In the Navy, I worked as an Intelligence Officer.

Every morning I woke up and I read Top Secret information.

I reported the information to my Commander.

I can tell you some top secrets.

But then … I will have to kill you.


Do you want to know a top secret?

Who is first?

I will have to kill you.

Not a joke.


We are going to study Western Civilization … we need to know some secrets of the past in order to understand.


My wife is “Made in China.”

It’s true. It says Made in China on the back … but we do not show to anybody.

It’s personal.


I met her online.

I travelled to China – Shenzhen to meet her face to face.

Our first date was in ………………… Thailand.

We went to Koh Chang.

We rented a motorbike. And I wrecked the bike and she went flying off the back.


I nearly killed her before we got married. Now she wants to kill me.


Too many kills in this biography.


We have a daughter.

She is 10-years old. She is my hero.

I have 2 sons. They are 36- and 32-years old.

The older boy is a classical pianist.

And a sculptor.

The younger boy is a scientist.


It is not polite to talk in Thai. Please be considerate.



The younger boy is studying molecular genetics in Boston.


I have lived in Silicon Valley for almost 20 years.

I lived in Ohio for 20, Japan for 20 and CA for 20. I am only 40 years old.

It’s a mystery.


I lived and worked in Japan for almost 20 years – Niigata.

I can speak Japanese, too. Of course. I can speak Japanese abt the same as I speak English.


So if you speak in Thai, we will have a pleasant conversation in Japanese … and I will give all of you an F.


This is a paperless class.

I do not like paper.

Welcome to California. We are saving trees.

I don’t really care abt the trees. I just don’t like paper.

I lose things easily. And papers fly out of my car window … and people get mad at me.


We will do EVERYTHING online.

Me, too!


Sooo … now it is your turn.


I want you to write your biography. About 200 words.


Too bad for you. Use your phone.


If the internet doesn’t break … or the website. That happens sometimes.


Please prepare your biography now.

Ready? Go!


My name is …

My friends call me …

I come from …

Before I was in the United States I used to ….

I am now working at …

I really wish I could work at …

If I were really rich I would not work, I would …

The reason I came to Oikos is ….

After I finish studying at Oikos I want to ….

The best way to remember me is ….


These are only suggestions. Be more creative, plz.

In the last class, all but 2 students completed the assignment on their cell phone.


Ready? Go. Start writing.


There is a simple strategy for our class.







We are going to make something in our class.


When we are finished we will have the number one site in the world to bring attention to Oikos University

We will make your university the most attractive university in the Bay Area


In my other life, I have created websites for myself and for others.


More than 100,000,000 people have visited my websites


You should say “Whoaaa!!”


100 million is a LOT of people


My daughter is 10 years old.

She has more than 30,000 people visit her site

She gets free movie tickets

She gets free gift cards


Every business in the world wants to know what you will know

If you are working your boss will want to know what you know


We are going to tell stories abt characters in Western Civilization

We are going to research people in Western Civilization

We are going to introduce people to heroes and villains of western civilization

We are going to DO …


While we are doing and making we will learn one of the most important lessons of business


Every business, every church wants more people … We know how to do that.

This is what we are going to learn in our class … how to make, how to do, how to learn and how to become.


Next week I will tell you what you can become …


My email address is wcbelew@gmail.com

Please keep an eye on your email … I will send you the homework for next week

Be sure to check your email to find emails from me … so you can know how to prepare for class each week.


If we do our work well, we can create something great. We can become something ….. Next week I will tell you.