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Oikos student songtai


personal info

My name is Songtai Sangtaweep
I am from Thailand, Bangkok. Now, i live in Uinion city. After i graduated from Kasetsart University, i decided to come to US. I am full time student, and i do not work.

USA life
I have been living in united state for 7 years. In other word, i came here since 2011. At first, i came to study pre MBA at California state EastBay for 1 year.
After that i transfer to Golden Gate University to study master of project management. I graduate my master degree at 2015. After that, i got a chance to work at Nano bio-tech in Florida for one year as a project manager. Then i came back to Golden Gate university pursuing another degree, Global supply chain.

My goal.
As can be seen, My major was mechanical engineering and project management.
I am here to pursue my professional goal.
Back in 2011, i used to join the ISF community. That is the community that invite international student to have dinner together to make friend and doing some church activities. After i move to a different city, i have no chance to participate at all. I come to study at Oikos university because i would like to change my major. I would like to learn and explore something new.